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Jewelry Care

Although our jewelry is designed and sculpted for everyday wear, one of the most frequent and common questions we receive is how to properly care for your jewelry. Below is a short recommendation from our experience and knowledge of materials we use. We highly recommend taking off any jewelry while doing activities like swimming, gardening, contact sports, and moving heavy objects. If you are questioning whether a certain activity will jeopardize your piece of jewelry, it is easier and safest to remove it and keep in a safe place. If you are away from home when you take it off, it is always easiest to put it in a small pouch or pocket with a zipper! Another trick I learned and highly rec

The 4C's of a Diamond

Knowledge about diamonds is helpful when making the big decision on what to invest in. The 4cs of the diamond is a known method in the jewelry trade to assess the quality of any diamond; Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat. Below is a brief description of the 4C's to help get a better understand about diamonds! Color: Color of a diamond is broken down into 5 different grading scales. It starts at colorless, near colorless, faint, very light and light. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) created this scale certain this grading system had no affiliation with any other grading system. The GIA wanted to guarantee that when grading a diamond's color their system could not be confused with a

Colby Farms

The weekend of September 8th I visited Colby Farms in Newbury, Massachusetts.  Colby Farms is one of the latest trendy spots in MA to go take some pictures with their beautiful field of sunflowers.  My boyfriend and I visited Colby Farm in late fall three years ago, we were disappointed with what we saw. Going in October when the weather is starting to change was not the best time to visit. As you can see there literally was only one sun flower left for us to see!   Even though we were expecting to see the rows of flowers, we made the best of the trip and visited their market located on the farm. Three years later we decided to take a trip back to the farm.  This time we made sure it was the

Meet Savannah Graybill

Savannah Graybill is one of the two athletes we have chosen to be collaborate with and be an ambassador for our Pride Collection. I have been fortunate to know Savannah for the past four years when I was first introduced to the sport. We were lucky enough to steal a moment of her time to ask her a few questions! 1. Where are you from? My hometown is Denver, PA. 2. How did you get into the sport Skeleton? Ever since I was young, it's always been my dream to compete in the Olympics. I always thought that I would go playing field hockey--my first passion. About a week after I had to give up this dream (I had a few hip issues going on) my strength coach had forwarded me an email from a bob

Pride Collection

Our Pride Collection is a variety of selected pieces of ours that really embody the meaning and inspiration behind this new collection. In 2014, Jimmy Nguyen (my boyfriend) started training and focused on skeleton. Skeleton is one of the three disciplines of sliding sports (Luge, Bobsled and Skeleton) that are put on display during the Winter Olympics. Skeleton was introduced back into the Olympics back in 2002 in Salt Lake City, Utah. While training and competing in this sport you start with a sprint at the top of the track and throw your body onto a custom built aero-dynamic sled. The sled is made up of a steel frame with two metal runners on the bottom. Once they are on the sled their

Collection Inspiration

Each collection consist of a variety of designs that represent the meaning behind the inspiration. Before each collection is launched, hours of designing and production are put together to individually create each piece. Our biggest collection is our Wanderlust collection. The inspiration behind this collection all started after I returned from a college study abroad experience in Greece. Being in Europe for 4 months really opened my eyes and changed my perspective on many different things. I learned that not everyone has the same preference to everyday lifestyles like food, clothing, and especially jewelry. After noticing that some people like big fashion statement pieces while others

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