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Colby Farms

The weekend of September 8th I visited Colby Farms in Newbury, Massachusetts.  Colby Farms is one of the latest trendy spots in MA to go take some pictures with their beautiful field of sunflowers.  My boyfriend and I visited Colby Farm in late fall three years ago, we were disappointed with what we saw. Going in October when the weather is starting to change was not the best time to visit. 

As you can see there literally was only one sun flower left for us to see!   Even though we were expecting to see the rows of flowers, we made the best of the trip and visited their market located on the farm. 

Three years later we decided to take a trip back to the farm.  This time we made sure it was the right time of the season so we didn't make the same mistake twice!  The farm is just as beautiful three years later. Since a lot has changed over the 3 years (Sarah Michiko was created), I figured this would be a great place to do some product shoots. 

When deciding on the pieces I wanted to shoot, I tried to pick rings that have bold colors. A mix of bold colors against the bright yellow sun flowers create a nice contrast that will help showcase them in a way no one has ever seen before.  Most of my designs are truly unique as I am one of few who really dare to mix colors in one piece.  I also wanted to choose some of our newer designs that some people may have not seen yet.  A few of the pieces are designed to have the option to wear together as stackables.  I thought that using some of those rings in a setting like this, is going to help display the variety of styles my pieces can be worn. 

PSA: No sunflowers or bee's were harmed in the making of these photos! 

Rings photographed:

While shooting these rings it was not as easy as you may think...  Since it is an entire field of sun flowers there were plenty of honeybees and bumblebees flying around trying to get some nectar.  Since I know bumblebees are harmless and don't sting, I was determined to get a shot of a ring with a bee!

I recently got a question from someone asking how we take our photos.  Most of the time it is a simple process of me wearing the piece and take it myself.  Sometimes I use a light-box with special lighting equipment for photos like the ones on our website. My boyfriend was able to help me with some of the picture when we visited the Colby Farm this time. It isn't as easy as it looks to hold your hand and arm in the perfect position to get the perfect shot. When we place rings on objects like the sunflowers, we have to put weather into consideration as it was super windy.  Obviously while shooting we had some rings take a tumble.  lol  Luckily we had the ground to catch the ring. 

When we place rings on objects like the sunflowers we really have to be careful on days like that because it was super windy.  Obviously while shooting we had some rings take a tumble.  lol  Luckily we obviously had the ground to catch the ring. 

This trip back to Colby Farms was a success!  If you ever want to take a trip yourself it is super easy to get to and find!  Make sure you go inside and check out their all fresh farm grown products when you get there. Depending on the season you visit, their produce like fresh plums and peaches are to die for!  But as I have learned two visits in a row nothing from their stand will disappoint. 

For more information here is their personal site.

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