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Discover the amazing stories of other custom designs.  Below are other experience testimonials from customers and the process of creating their perfect design.  


Woody Mawhinney

Engagement Ring

Sarah went above and beyond bringing my fiance's engagement ring design to life. I couldn't be happier with the result or more appreciative of Sarah.

From our first meeting, Sarah made me comfortable and confident in the process. I was very particular about the diamond itself, as well as creating a hidden halo that my fiance had always envisioned.

When I didn't think we had found the perfect diamond, Sarah immediately picked up the phone and used her connections to get the only other available diamonds in New York (!) that were shaped and sized appropriately, and I chose one of those she had identified and sourced.

The design process itself was very fun--Sarah helped me choose the right ring details with my fiance's future wedding band in mind. Sarah kept me regularly updated with images of the ring coming to life, which was a delight to see.

When the ring was finished, COVID hit the city and I couldn't find an easy excuse to leave home without my fiance noticing. Sarah drove into Westchester just to meet me to hand off the ring. Talk about caring about her clients!

Needless to say, Sarah's a superstar, and someone I will highly recommend to others.


Robbie Matey

Engagement Ring

It was an absolute pleasure and such a seamless process working with Sarah and I have now recommended 3 of my friends to use her as well.

Anytime I am making a big purchase, especially one that is being made for the first time, I want it to be just perfect and is extremely anxiety provoking for me. Sarah was able to calm my nerves and help me pick out the absolutely perfect diamond for my fiancé.

I must have asked over a hundred questions through out the process, some of which were asked multiple times and Sarah was as patience with the last as she was the first. She took me through numerous examples of the criteria I gave her, never once pushed me to go outside of said criteria and always stayed within my price range.

She walked me through the entire process, worked on my timeline and at my pace and I could not be more pleased with the result. By the amount of compliments my fiancé gets on it, it is without question she is thrilled with the result as well. She has already asked Sarah to design her wedding band!



Engagement Ring

Working with Sarah was an incredible process. She took the time to listen to what I was looking for and then made it happen. She hand selected a diamond that she knew my wife would love. She helped me with every question that I had, kept me updated throughout the process and ultimately helped me to deliver an engagement ring that my wife still looks at and thanks me for to this day.

When it came time for a wedding band my wife told me in no uncertain terms that we would be using Sarah for her band. Sarah spoke with my wife and once again came through for us with a beautiful band.

When I wanted to give my wife a gift to wear on our wedding day, Sarah helped me design the perfect bracelet for her.

Every piece that Sarah has helped my wife and I with has been incredible. My wife constantly receives compliments on her engagement ring from friends, family and even other jewelers.

Sarah is a true professional that brings an unbelievably personal touch to her process. I felt like I was able to give my wife something truly unique and beautiful that she will treasure for the rest of her life. That is all thanks to Sarah. I have and will continue to recommend her to any and everyone. Her commitment and passion to her business and her clients is second to none.


Jack Dustin

Engagement Ring

Sarah helped me surprise my now wife with the ring of her dreams. She made the process super simple. Sarah created a unique and one of a kind design. I gave a few ideas and she built an absolutely amazing ring. Sarah's super power is taking a few ideas and turning them into a masterpiece.


Cameron Wetherbee

Engagement Ring

I had a great experience working with Sarah! She is so knowledgeable, helpful, and honest. During the beginning of COVID-19 it was very daunting not being able to look at rings, or diamonds in person, but Sarah helped me every step of the way! She even made a trip so I could see the diamonds in person which was unbelievable. I would recommend Sarah to anyone and everyone looking for that special ring for that special someone! Wait did I mention my special someone was blown away with her engagement ring, and how absolutely stunning her diamond was! Again working with Sarah was so easy and I can not recommend her enough!!


Jake & Eileen

Engagement Ring & Weddings Bands

I had a rough idea for a unique pearl engagement ring for my fiance and Sarah ran with it to design a wonderfully intricate, timeless ring that is perfect for us. Throughout the process, Sarah kept me up to date with the design and gave me the opportunity to ask for minor tweaks. It was a stress-free process from start to finish, I highly recommend Sarah! -Jake

Sarah was extremely responsive and easy to communicate with throughout the entire creative process. We had a vague idea of what we wanted for wedding bands to compliment my engagement ring, but Sarah really brought it to life. She gave us options and even gave us new detailed designs that we had never even thought of. Overall, we were extremely pleased with the process and the beautiful outcomes!



Fun Rings

I had a bunch of wacky ideas for rings, and Sarah amazingly kept along with all of them! Anytime I had anything I wanted to do, she found a solution for. I will definitely be going back to her in the future.


Phil Terrasi

Engagement ring

I had such a great and easy experience buying an engagement ring and it is all thanks to Sarah! Ring shopping can be stressful but I had Sarah guiding me throughout the whole process. I told her my price point and style diamond/ring I was looking for. She gave me a couple options to choose from and she never strayed away from my budget. She puts in so much time and effort to create the perfect custom ring. I recommend Sarah to everyone!



Custom Necklace

I first went to Sarah looking for a gift to surprise a friend with. I had expressed what kind of necklace I was looking for and Sarah immediately knew what I needed. She was able to provide me with a step by step process of the necklace being made. Sarah designed the necklace exactly how I envisioned and in a very timely manner. Thank you!


Jason Nguyen

Fox Necklace & Engagement Ring

I've gone to Sarah for 2 custom jewlery pieces, a silver fox necklace and my fiance's engagment ring. She provided numerous samples to make sure she understood what I was looking for since both pieces were unique pieces created from scratch. She met in person to show the samples to make sure I was happy with the size and shape of what I was looking for, and always stayed in my budget. Sarah always makes sure the end product satisfies what you and your partner envisioned!


Tyler Germond

Engagement ring

I went to Sarah for my fiancé’s engagement ring and am so happy I did. She really took the time to find out not only what I wanted, but (more importantly) what my fiancé wanted. I didn’t know much about stones and she was so helpful with guiding me in the direction of the right stone for us without just trying to make a big sale. She deeply cares about her customers’ satisfaction and making sure she produces a perfect final product. Since I’ve gotten engaged, so many people have seen my fiancé’s ring and asked to be referred to our jeweler, and I’m always so happy to give them Sarah’s name.

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