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Collection Inspiration

Each collection consist of a variety of designs that represent the meaning behind the inspiration. Before each collection is launched, hours of designing and production are put together to individually create each piece.

Our biggest collection is our Wanderlust collection. The inspiration behind this collection all started after I returned from a college study abroad experience in Greece. Being in Europe for 4 months really opened my eyes and changed my perspective on many different things. I learned that not everyone has the same preference to everyday lifestyles like food, clothing, and especially jewelry. After noticing that some people like big fashion statement pieces while others like simple and delicate, it opened my eyes to how she wants to design her jewelry. When designing a new piece I try to keep both of those aspects mind. I found that in order please everybody's different wants and needs you have to be willing to take risks. Although taking risks can always be a gamble. I learned that it also can be extremely rewarding. While keeping some of my pieces delicate and simple, I also try to incorporate mixing big bold colors for those who want more of a statement piece. Mixing those two aspects of jewelry really inspire me to think out of the box. It is always a risk to mix certain stones and colors that others might not be willing to try. Currently I am working with a veteran gem stone supplier from Jaipur. Traveling throughout India, Sri Lanka, Chanthaburi Thailand and other countries he gives me access to unique and one of kind gem stones. This collection is mostly focused on multi-color sapphires and other colored stones that originated from countries like India and more. Seeing how each stone is unique in itself I want to be able to create pieces that really showcase the beauty behind each stone. While you are browsing through this collection you will notice each design is named after a city from anywhere in the world. The idea behind naming each piece after a city I hope it inspires you to travel and see the world.

Although the Wanderlust Collection is our biggest yet, I am always coming up with new collection and design ideas. One of the newest collection I am working on is the Pride Collection. Check in our other blog posts to learn more about our Pride Collection!

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